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Protection for your memories and the things that matter most. 

Home is where the Heart is.

Finding the right coverage for your home is important to properly protect your family and your personal possessions. The memories you will create will last a lifetime, and the peace of mind of knowing your family is covered is priceless! 

Easy. Convenient. Efficient.

Your home is important, make sure it's protected. There are many things that most consumers don't consider when

thinking about the coverage you need for your home. It's important to work with an agent who will make sure to help you

avoid some of the common problems that may arise. 

Little known facts about Homeowners Insurance 
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Most policies don't include water backup, it's additional coverage that must be purchased to be endorsed onto your


A standard homeowners policy does not include Flood Insurance and much be purchased separately or endorsed onto

the policy. 

Most homeowner's policy only covers up to a certain limit of Jewelry if the loss results from a risk listed on the policy.

Most policies default to Actual Cash Value, which means if you file a claim for your $1500 IPad that you bought a few

years ago, it may only be worth $350 now, so that's all you'll receive from the claim. Replacement cost is an additional

endorsement that has to be added to your policy. 

We've Got You Covered!

There is no one-size-fits-all insurance policy when it comes to your home insurance

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Ready to save more? Here are some money-saving discounts to help you get better rates, better coverage, and better 

service when you speak with any of our Trusted Agents!

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A Claim-free history

Home security devices

Utility rating plans

Certain roofing materials

Fire sprinklers

IMPORTANT. You can combine your Home and Auto and other policies for even more savings.